16 KANAL 12MP, 4xSATA, 16 POE Port Plug&Play SAMSUNG NVR,XRN-1610S1T

16CH Network Video Recorder with PoE Switch
Up to 16CH 12megapixel supported
H.265, H.264, MJPEG codec supported
WiseStream support
180Mbps network camera recording
Plug & play by 16 PoE/PoE+ ports
Max. 4HDDs, e-SATA storage supported
HDMI / VGA local monitor
Vergi dahil taban fiyat49.199,12 TL
Satış fiyatı 29.519,47 TL
Vergi hariç satış fiyatı 25.016,50 TL
İndirim-16.677,67 TL
Vergi tutarı4.502,97 TL